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Monthly Monologues: July

Female Monologue from Two Thumbs Up

“Don’t you walk out on me!  I just proposed to you.. . . .”

Female Monologue from Two Thumbs Up

Two Thumbs Up full text


Monthly Monologues: June

Female Monologue from The Matthew Portraits

” . . .  I could walk around this campus naked and it wouldn’t occur to any of these guys that I might be a sexual being.  They’d just think I was being “natural” or something. . . “

Here’s the sixth in a 2010 monthly series of monologues.  Feel free to share these and use them for auditions (just let me know if you do).  Enjoy.

Female Monologue from The Matthew Portraits

The Matthew Portraits full text


Monthly Monologues: May

Male Monologue from Two Thumbs Up

“. . .  Now I’m sorry to shock you like that and I’m sorry to have to tie you up, but I didn’t see that there was another way. . . .”

Male Monologue from Two Thumbs Up

Two Thumbs Up full text



I’m excited to announce that my short play “Police Tape” is being performed in a set of ten-minute plays in the “Sticky” series at the Bowery Poetry Club this Friday.

I’d love to see you there.

Here’s the details:

Blue Box Productions presents


10-minute bar plays & music

Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery between Houston & Bleecker

Friday 02/19 @ 7 pm 

$8 at the door


February 19:

Musical Guest: Stacy Rock

Plays and Performances by*:
Bradley Anderson, Celeste Arias, Ali Ayala, Christian Baskous, Amber Bogdewiecz, Cate Bottiglione, Jessica Brater, Jeff Carter, Megan Cooper, Jarel Davidow, Elizabeth Nell Dubus, Holly Lynn Ellis, Libby Emmons, Molly Evensky, Cara Francis, Jules Hill, Barrie Gelles, Ryan Gielen, Jenny Greeman, Stephanie Hill, Beth Hoyt, John Hume, Tshombe Jabari, Nicholas Job, Mrinalini Kamath, Anna Lamadrid, David Lanson, Jake Lipman, David Marcus, Moti Margolin, Colette Mazunik, Josh McIlvain, Peter McRobbie, Tomike Ogugua, Jimmy Pravasilis, Stacy Rock, Jacob Saxton, Katya Schapiro, Brian W. Seibert, Mary Sheridan, Tommy Smith, Shayla Spradley, Eve Udesky, Ari Vigoda, Catherine Wallach, Hondo Weiss-Richmond, Maiken Wiese, Katy Wright-Mead

*artists listed are performing 02/05 or 02/19, in some cases, both.

Save the Date, Two Thumbs Up

Two Thumbs Up

I’m excited to invite you to come to a free reading of my play Two Thumbs Up.  This play is a pretty big departure in style for me from other pieces of mine you may have seen—total comedy this time without any redeeming social message.

The reading is being sponsored by the New School for Drama’s Drama Alumni Play Development Project, and has a great cast.

Hope to see you there.

Opening the Curtain on Playwright Gender

Emily SandsI attended Emily Glassberg Sands’ presentation of her thesis research and findings on gender discrimination against female playwrights last night.

Short summary: The bar is set higher for female playwrights than for male playwrights.

Slides from her presentation are available here: http://aneconomiceye.wordpress.com/2009/06/23/earlier-this-evening/opening-the-curtain-on-playwright-gender_-sands_-june-22/

The findings are discouraging–but I’m not switching to a male pen name yet.  Hoping instead that this type of research will change the theatre landscape.