ZAHA – Shoot the Sun

ZAHA releases debut album “Shoot the Sun” on Snapback Records


Photography by Scott Friedlander ©2010

An avant-instrumental soundscape where woodwinds, strings, and percussion dance between gentle ambience and bristling experimentation

Shoot the Sun marks the debut release of Evan Mazunik’s ZAHA on Snapback Records, a NYC-based label dedicated to independent music. Shoot the Sun is a vivid collage of songs that balance crisp ensemble passages with playful exploration, an album shot through with the surprise and excitement of live composition. Just as an intrepid voyager measures the sun’s angle in the sky to determine his latitude, Shoot the Sun hearkens back to the sounds of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, Frank Zappa, Walter Thompson and Butch Morris as it charts a course forward into the unknown.

Over one wintry afternoon in December of 2008, composer Evan Mazunik crafted nine songs live in studio with his dedicated sextet of improvisers. Inspired by Zaha Hadid, whose soaring designs seem to defy the laws of architecture, Mazunik composed music in real-time using Soundpainting (the universal sign language for live composition), graphic scores, cryptic verbal cues, and spur-of- the-moment arrangements. As he reconfigured ZAHA into shifting duos, trios, and chamber groups, Mazunik coaxed a kaleidoscope of sound from the group while spontaneously sculpting colorful woodwinds, shimmering strings, and driving percussion into a strange and rare beauty.


Since 2006, Evan Mazunik has performed with ZAHA at such diverse venues as the New York Center for Art and Media Studies, Bushwick Department of Cultural Works, and Le Grand Dakar. In 2006, ZAHA was featured in a documentary by Jesse Kamras of the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Past performances have featured a live film score to Carl Dreyer’s Vampyr, a guerilla performance in Times Square, and an installation based on human bowling.

“Superb composing by an amazing Soundpainter and masterful playing by a great group of adventurous artists.” —Walter Thompson
“This is beautiful stuff. I really really love it.” —Daniel Smith, Danielson


Justin Wood: alto sax, flute
Frantz Loriot: viola
Sebastian Noelle: guitar
Ryan Kotler: bass
Eric Eigner: drums
Evan Mazunik: live composition, accordion

Engineered and mixed by Tyler Wood at 2-od Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Katherine Miller
Album cover by Rob Barnickel


Contact: For more information, promotional requests, or to set up an interview, please contact Evan Mazunik at or 347.254.7780.



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