Urbana – Electronic Press Kit

Cinematic Jazzscapes of Uncommon Intrigue
Sounds like: Tin Hat Trio, Rachel’s, The Claudia Quintet, Bill Frisell, Angelo Badalamenti


Laden with tightly interwoven clarinet and viola, bouncing double bass, evocative keyboards, and rumbling drums, Urbana’s forthcoming CD “Awayland” leads the listener through a labyrinth of half-remembered, half-imagined places and people. A celebration of “la liaison des différences” (the connection of differences), “Awayland” simultaneously evokes urban, rural, and foreign intrigue, and Urbana’s cinematic approach speaks of travels, collected souvenirs, shared stories, and uncommon backgrounds.

More than just a contemporary jazz quintet, Urbana is a musical representation of the unspoken oral history of the itinerant explorer. Urbana’s sonorities, melodies, and textures coax the imagination like a private shoebox collection of ephemera, from homemade 8mm films to vintage postcards and other personal mementos.

Urbana is a collective of composer/performers whose members share a decade of history and a passion for new and experimental music. Urbana will be touring the eastern US in the fall of 2010 in support of their debut album, “Awayland.”


Evan Mazunik: urbana.email@gmail.com 347.254.7780


Bryan Pardo (alto sax, clarinet, composer)
Frantz LORIOT (viola)
Evan Mazunik (keyboardist/composer)
James Ilgenfritz (acoustic bassist/composer)
John O’Brien (percussionist/composer)


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