Snapback Records


Snapback Records is the label imprint of Bliss Street Studios devoted to releasing the finest experimental, creative, and independent music. By documenting and distributing the musical expressions of composers across the entire aesthetic spectrum, Snapback Records presents a community of contemporary pioneers who demonstrate an inimitable voice, adventurous spirit, and an uncompromising integrity.

Our goal at Snapback Records is to provide a haven for innovative music and those artists eager to take risks with their music. Snapback supports artists fully and fairly by offer all on our roster generous profit-sharing deals. Each release includes extensive background information on the project, including links the composers’ own words about their music, artist bios, news, and upcoming performances. Snapback Records production is eco-friendly, and all releases are also available for digital download.


SNP-001 Gamut: Countermeasures (out of print)

SNP-002 ZAHA: Shoot the Sun (2009)

SNP-003 RIBS (2009)

SNP-004 Noel EP (2009)

SNP-005 Where the Rivers Widen EP (2010)


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