Joshua Stamper

The Musical Derring-do of Joshua Stamper

Joshua Stamper has been composing music for over twenty years, writing for everything from string quintet to big band, small orchestra to folk ensemble, percussion group to chamber choir, and has written extensively for film, dance, and theatre. Sought after by jazz, classical, avant-garde, and indie-rock musicians alike, Stamper has a unique ability realize the vision of an artist while bringing something fresh, unexpected, and exciting to the collaboration. In his own work, Stamper is particularly drawn to the meeting points that exist between pattern and irregularity, motion and stasis, change and constancy. His writing reflects an interest in synthesizing seemingly disparate musics, and a profound love for the intimacy, charm, and potency that chamber music provides. Stamper studied music composition and playwriting at Hampshire College and worked extensively with Pulitzer-prize winning composer, Lewis Spratlan. For nine years, he was faculty in the music department at the prestigious Suffield Academy, teaching jazz and classical chamber music, composition, and recording engineering. Stamper is currently the label manager and one of the in-house composers and arrangers for Sounds Familyre Records.

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For booking information or other information, write to Joshua Stamper at For publishing information, contact Lenny Smith at New Jerusalem Music here: Follow Joshua on Facebook or MySpace.



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