Elizabeth Dishman

Originally from Denver, then Atlanta, and now New York, Elizabeth Dishman began choreographing professionally in 1996 and founded Coriolis Dance Inc., a non-profit modern dance company, in 2001.  Playing in the circling, intermingled currents of life, Elizabeth finds inspiration in the Coriolis Effect–the phenomenon wherein converging fluids spiral clockwise north of the equator and counter-clockwise in the south due to the Earth’s rotation.

Over the last decade, Elizabeth has become known for presenting keenly crafted and emotionally resonant dance works that probe and cajole the human experience. Offering a robust dedication to both form and expression, she delves into the comic, poignant, and often messy splays of humanity, while maintaining a staunch commitment to aesthetic form and pure visual interest. She has recently developed a fondness for props and sets, and loves using humor to wheedle under her audience’s jade, longing through her aesthetic efforts to speak and listen to the deep, protected places.  Seeking intersections between the abstract and theatrical, the universal and deeply personal, Elizabeth brings to bear a dynamic movement lexicon that has been described by Dance Magazine, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Creative Loafing critics as “quirky, athletic,” “remarkably intelligent,” and “bodies in rigorous concentration.”

Elizabeth earned her BA in Voice Performance from Emory University (1995), and her MFA in Choreography from The Ohio State University (2000).  She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two sons, and is delighted to be in New York pursuing a post-graduate education in the exciting field of Self-Producing Shows in NYC While Having Babies.  Her dissertation is called “You Can/’t Have it All: Try it Anyway But Learn to Apologize” (working title).




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