Bliss Street Studios is the multidisciplinary home of Colette and Evan Mazunik dedicated to promoting creative expression and sustainable community in the practical (and impractical) arts.

Our Story

Bliss Street Studios was officially created on a wintry evening in 2009 at Sammy’s Noodles.  It was a rainy night in Greenwich Village, and we’d met up for dinner after (separately) teaching piano and attending a meeting with writing agents.  For years, each of us had been searching a home for our various artistic projects–a place large enough to allow for spontaneity and cross-genre pollination, a place unique enough to feel like our own, a place hospitable enough to invite friends over.

After a bowl of a little-bit-of-everything soup, a plate of Chinese New Years cakes, several cups of tea, lots of animated discussion, scribbled notes and diagrams, we had the framework for a new organization: a set of linked studios, representing various realms of creativity, where exploration, improvisation, and expression are encouraged, where making things is valued more than consuming things.  Where telling stories, and playing the accordion, and designing jewelry and writing songs, and improvising with the birds . . and acting a little silly and a being thought of as a little weird are all expected.  Where we aren’t afraid of love or the dark or rejection letters or winding roads.

Come on in.  Our studios are open.