Love is Patient

Love is patient.
I, however, live in New York.
And when I stand in line
at the Duane Reade
waiting for the one cashier,
who plods through her tasks
with glacial ineptitude,
there is a gnashing of teeth
and heavy sighing (also mine),
as I imagine writing a scathing
letter to the management,
pointing out, in carefully chosen words,
the folly of a strategy
that places only one incompetent cashier
at the front,
while minions of idle clerks
wander the purgatory of aisles
in vague oblivion.

–from Keeping Records, © 2007 by Colette Mazunik.  ISBN: 978-0-557-21108-1

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One response to “Love is Patient

  1. Your poem made me laugh…I think such clerks feel a sense of power by being so slow.;-)

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